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Many people struggle to find a real working solution for one's health issue and end up with a handful of useless pills. We offer lymphology solutions that work marvelously with every kind of disease from snore to cancer and from mouthbreathing to Alzheimer's. Solve your health issue and increase your performance with Lymphatech.


Shall We Add Your Story Here?

15 years ago Mikel from the USA asked about the nearest pharmacy to get his nasal spray whilst in Perm but his local friend rather took him to Dr.Nadia's office. Mr. Wee from Singapore had a gout worsening and several other health issues when his Russian partners advised him coming to Lymphatech for a shot. Susanne from the UK and Natalia from a local village both with lymphedema were referred by their friends. Larry with leukemia learned about Lymphatech and immediately started his Russian visa application because US doctors offered him only observation. Valery did not have a clue that atherosclerosis with 70% stenosis was actually reversible without any statins so he joined his senior partner and came to Perm asap. Kate was afraid even to talk about her multiple sclerosis before her associate shared her story about Lymphatech.

Today Valery does not snore at all, feels like 10 years younger and has no plaques in his carotid and coronary arteries. Kate is steadily regaining her joints mobility and can go on with her projects. Larry follows his hope to get his white blood cells normal again without chemotherapy. Both Susanne and Natalia forgot about swelling and heaviness in their legs without wearing hosiery. Mr. Wee was amazed who Dr. Igor was able to gey a one-shot pain relief and a thorough check-up during the same 20-minute emergency appointment. Mikel has been enjoying his sinuses, immune system and asthma under control for 15 years now.


Lymhatech team in February 2019 

Your Trust is Rooted In Our science


Dr. Nadezhda Gariaeva got her MD in Perm State Medical academy in 1980. She had worked as a physician in an ambulance for 4 years. We believe a doctor should constantly pursue new knowledge, investigate new frontiers and improve his or her competence. This was the motto in the Soviet medical school. So Rector Vagner insisted that Dr.Nadia would take a position at the Anatomy Department in the Academy to pursue a scientific career and to breed new medics. But she never forgot her dream to be a clinician.


The chiefs at the department have been investigating the sphere of medicine called lymphology. It is about lymphatic nodes and vessels, etc. Seeking for novel ideas young fellow Dr.Nadia found herself in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and became an apprentice of a famous Russian lymphologist - Prof. Alexey Borisov.


Fellow Gariaeva and professor Alexey Borisov, Leningrad, 1983

Getting access to authentic medical technology


In the next 15 years, Dr. Nadia not only became a Professor herself but established several experimental and clinical labs, inspired a group of followers. She integrated the role of the lymphatic system in the wellbeing of a human body as a foundation for revolutionary treatment technology. It is called lymphotropic therapy. It allows to treat infectious diseases, neurological disorders, and even cancer much more effectively. Read more about lymphotropic therapy in our blog.


Lymphology Congress in Perm, Russia, 2003. Left to right: professor Borisov, professor Gariaeva, rector of Medical Academy, professor Cherkasov, academician Borodin.


This is the first reason why you will get much more for your health needs than anywhere in the world. Remember, the birth, clinical course and outcome of every disease is fully dependant on the lymphatic system. Moreover, when you use the lymphatic system you can drastically lower the doses of drugs you take.

The World Should Definitely Know

Another trip to the USA happened in 2006 when we started sharing about results and attracted the attention of many doctors from different specialties — from ETN to immunology. We understood that there was much need not only in Russia but in the USA as well. An ETN doctor confessed that there were 40 million mouth-breathers in the States that could be easily cured with the technology he had just heard of. 

Professor Gariaeva after seminar in Tulsa, OK, 2006


We moved forward reaching new targets — treating cancer, atherosclerosis, back pain, arthritis. More travels, more seminars, first patients coming to Russia just for the treatment. 


Susanne (with lymphedema) and her daughter Lucie (allergic bronchial asthma)
 from the UK — one of the first patients coming to Lymphatech in 2005


Our second feature is that we create all things necessary that a patient can communicate with a physician as much as needed. This is how we build trust and uncover the true reasons behind every disease. After that, we use our lymphotropic therapy and all other modern technologies to solve the issue of any complexity.


Our patients become our friends. Dr. Nadia and Larry from Maine
departing for a lunch after yearly appointment in Lymphatech.


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