Is Real Health Care Dead? | A Russian Clinic’s View

25 Oct, 2019
Is Real Health Care Dead? | A Russian Clinic’s View

During your healthcare visit, your words matter because they help guide your doctor to the root causes behind the symptoms you are communicating.  Your doctor’s words bring life if they provide recommendations and directions for a real cure.  And we, of course, ask you to take a few moments to not just read the words of this article, but also to pause and consider the real implications of the modern worldwide health care crisis.

Money is not the problem!

To start with, are you aware that the drug that goes for a $100 in the United States can cost as little as $9 in Russia? AC is the simplest chemotherapy for breast cancer. It is Anthracycline plus Cyclophosphamide. A single dose adds $1900 to your medical bill in the US, while in Russia it is no more than $300. And when calculating the total cost, don’t forget to add the related doctor’s fees on top of that.  An MRI test can be $2200-$3000 or more in the United States while in Russia it is under $300. However, even given the significant cost discrepancy, both countries face the same issues: lack of time, no individual approach, a gradual deterioration of the patient’s condition, and an absence of a real ability to understand what options are available to provide a long-lasting cure.

On one hand, biotech progress is astonishing, but on the other hand, the quality of primary care is still poor. It is so poor because of the inability to solve issues like chronic pain.  For example, it might be interesting to you that the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is nearly unheard of in Russia.  Instead, when we hear of those symptoms at the Lymphatech Clinic, we provide a cure.

It is one thing to install a Cyber-Knife machine and train some brilliant surgeons and radiotherapists. But it is a completely different thing to solve your basic everyday needs so that you feel healthy and will not need those state of the art machines anytime soon. Healthcare needs both state of the art technology and the holistic care of a primary care physician, but in reality, it has been lacking the latter for far too long.

Your Doctor’s Appointment Is Crucial

The Earth began with the Word which was and is “God”. Marriage begins with her “I do.” to his “Will you?”. True relationship overcomes with “Forgive me”.  Business is a success with the profound “Agreed”, together with a handshake and signed contract, so marvelously crafted as a result of successful negotiations. A woman might possibly not feel like a mother until she first hears her little one call her “Mommy”, and the world itself would possibly no longer exist without “Thank you” and “Please”.

Your doctor’s first question “How can I help you?” is crucial. However, his question only has value, if he has absolute commitment to pay careful attention to your detailed response. Your words and your story are the keys that provide the ability to develop a true solution and cure to a health issue of any complexity.

How much time do you think is needed for both you and your doctor to fully understand each other?

One of the most simple and important issues in modern medicine is that most appointments last no longer than 15 minutes and their aim is rarely different from providing a refill prescription or shifting you to another drug just to give it a try. After 5 or 10 years of trying you may have concluded that nobody listens and nobody cares, but you see no other options.

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Listen to the Lymphatech Clinic’s chief doctor share her view on how long a doctor’s appointment should last:



Symptom Relief vs. Cure

Through the years we have been observing the most devastating substitution taking place. This is seeing how a standardized symptom-relief approach has been pushing away a physician’s clinical thinking and digging deep enough to find and eliminate the real reason behind your health issue.

No doubt, it is so good to use pain-killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, etc. to get instant symptom relief. At the same time, it is a grave error to forget that symptoms such as pain, itching, swelling, etc. were put there to be a signal to the core issue of your health problem.

Those symptoms are an alarm system saying something is wrong in the body, slow down, find the reason, deal with it and then go on. It requires you and your doctor to work together closely. But in modern health care, we all to often give up on finding the core issue, but have resigned ourselves to hearing this phrase, “I do not know exactly what is wrong, but here is the pill, you will get used to it.” Does that sound familiar?

So now there is not only no time to listen, but there is no reason to listen. Why? Because there is a tailored and standardized solution to any symptom and it is packed in a pricy orange vial.  But do not worry, you only have a co-pay. And yes we proved it to be effective in a randomized trial. Hence, why go any deeper? Did your anti-depressant pill worsen your productivity? No worries, there is one more anti-depressant to fix that. Did it ruin your night’s sleep? This is a common side effect... but here is another perfect long-acting hypnotic.

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The Dilemma of Narrow Specialization

In this modern age of continuing medical discovery, the amount of information available about the body seems to have become almost unmanageable.  So, we split the knowledge we have apart and hand each piece to a certain doctor. This is how neurologists, cardiologists, immunologists, etc. appeared in the health care system. It helped us to understand and manage certain questions of health better. And in each of these specific areas, these specialists often do a fantastic job.

But what if your health issue lies in between two or three spheres, or let us say, organs or systems in your body? Take, for instance, rheumatoid arthritis or headache.

The former is a disease of the joints.  More precisely, the joints are suffering from the disease but the cause is in the immune system which is mostly located in the lymphatic system. So when you prescribe methotrexate to improve the joints it goes to your stomach, liver, and kidneys.  Overuse of it can cause chronic kidney disease and toxic hepatitis which are completely different spheres of interest from the rheumatologist you started your journey with. The latter (headache) is an issue of a neurologist but the cause can lie somewhere in synergetic effect from your stomach and cardiac pills.

Ok, so the missing part is someone who can oversee the whole issue and this is a general practitioner. But in nearly all cases, your GP is overloaded with paperwork, computer work, patient overload, and prescriptions, so he or she is no longer able to embrace a holistic approach. Moreover, he has no right to do so, as he cannot touch something that does not belong to him, for example, your heart.

Consequently, unless you have a “health manager” to oversee the full picture of your health, it should come as no surprise when your body’s “personnel” go opportunistic and do what they want. And in the end you have a handful of pills but cannot say you are healthy.

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Health Insurance: Your Choice to Have No Choice

Paying out of pocket for medical expenses is unaffordable for most of the population. So we hunt for good health insurance and get ourselves covered. And once you are covered you are unable to choose your doctors or treatment approach because all of them are from the same system. Often we see that patients are so immersed in the system that they actually start to believe that there is no other way.

For instance, people believe that snoring is a simple overweight problem and the latter should be managed by lifestyle and workouts. People also believe that nasal sprays should accompany you each time you travel or even sleep if you are a mouth breather. And since snoring and mouth-breathing seem like such simple and normal symptoms, we ignore the deeper and more serious underlying issues.

This is how many people fall into health insurance, seeing it as the only option because you may someday need in-patient care for appendicitis or a heart attack.  And in all of this, we lose sight of the fact that our approach to health now contributes to those more serious problems later.

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John is a retired plumbing contractor from the state of Ohio in the USA.  Listen as he shares about his experience of not finding the medical care he needed back home and about his experience with the Lymphatech Clinic in Perm, Russia.


The Lymphatic Key

We all know there is a blood-circulating system in the body, but very few of us are aware that there is also a lymphatic system that covers almost every organ in your body. Scientists have even proven it covers the dura-mater surrounding your brain.

The role of the lymphatic system is drainage and detoxification. You see, each and every cell lives in its home which is called paracellular space. Similar to us living in an ecosystem, each cell suffers when its home is polluted. And nowadays it is 100% true because of our lifestyle, the ecology we live in, and even the medications we take.

Moreover, the lymphatic system provides a kind of immunity surveillance everywhere in the body. Once some antigen from a hostile origin is spotted by the dendritic cell, it hurries to the lymphatic node where it passes the info to the T-cell and the latter now knows who to shoot down. It is unbelievable but when something goes wrong T-cells attack even the good guys. It is what we call an auto-immune condition. Multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and many others are all auto-immune diseases.

So unless you pay enough attention to its condition, no one is able to solve any health issue effectively enough. Bear in mind that if you are 40+ and have not been cleaning your lymphatic system, you are unable to do it with green shakes or a vegan lifestyle.  It is like pouring water from your new hose on the lawn without removing weeds beforehand.

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Who is to blame and what can be done?

If we can have a moment of Russian frankness, we are not blaming anyone except the person whose health is in question. Why? Because it is your responsibility to keep your body working properly as long as it should. It is your responsibility to yourself and your loved ones.

And we are happy to say, that even in this modern era of hurried standardized symptom relief, there are still physicians who believe both in both a holistic approach and the power of the word.

Lymphatech team


Dear reader, if you feel that you have been suffering long enough and you see that the pills you are taking are not providing any real cure, please take a moment to share your situation with us.  For most of our patients, the idea of traveling to Perm came out of desperation, but in the end they found doctors who did not rush through conversations but were careful to listen and a clinic that was committed to a cure, not just symptom relief.  Despite the cost of coming, the result was major long-term savings in doctor visits and prescriptions.  Most importantly, the result was a new way of life.

Yes, we understand, the solution you have been looking for is found in the place you least expected it.

We truly admire those who struggle but still search for a solution. For these, we crafted our clinic and business processes to provide space to listen, explain, and solve any issue.  We look forward to hearing from you and providing real results with world-class health care in Russia.

It all begins with a word.  Write to us today.  We look forward to hearing from you.


-Konstantin Garyaev, CEO Lymphatech Clinic- Perm, Russia

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