Is Russia willing to share its most efficient treatment approach to 90% of all diseases ever?

16 Nov, 2019
Is Russia willing to share its most efficient treatment approach to 90% of all diseases ever?

National geographic in 2018 published that new organ was discovered but we have been researching and proving treatment based on this knowledge in Russia since Soviet times. Read more about how it works.

There is nothing new under the sun except for our technology.

Lymphotropic therapy is one of the most significant outcomes of fundamental studies in lymphology concerning its anatomy, morphology, physiology, and pathophysiology. Many are now involved in its studying, primarily when these hysteric discoveries about lymphatic vessels in the meningeal or new organ are published here are there. It is a fake. No, lymphatics in dura-mater exist. And yes, the interstitium is a noble guy that makes miracles. Fake is that it was not firstly discovered by people who claimed they had.  But let us go on, shall we?

Why do you need lymphotropic therapy applied to your case? 

A group of Russian scientists led by Dr. Nadezhda Gariaeva has been investigating for 40 years now how to improve the traditional treatment approach to fully engage the potential of the lymphatic system in the treatment of different diseases. We have discovered two main things. 
Firstly, paracellular space, lymphatic vessels, and lymphatic nodes play a crucial part in the development and outcome of every disease. If a doctor never speaks about it and does not take it into consideration when choosing the drugs and treatment approach, he is missing at least 50% of possibilities.
Secondly, engagement of interstitial transport and lymphatic transport can drastically improve the efficacy of using the drugs and open myriads of ideas for using them in a new way.
Consequently, understanding the lymphatic system is essential to know how to treat diseases pathogenetically (eliminating the cause and its location), more effectively and at a lower cost. In many diseases, a solution of a drug should preferably be injected locally (in the region of the affected organ). 
There is another name that you may find in literature for lymphotropic therapy. It is indirect endolymphatic therapy. It differs from the direct endolymphatic therapy. The former is to inject in the tissue, and the lymphatics will than absorb the drug. The latter assumes you inject medications into the lymphatic vessels themselves, which is traumatic and lacks the benefit of engaging the tissue. Some enthusiasts still try to do it, but we proved long ago that it is not needed. To perform our method, you need to know how to mix the drugs and reach the proper concentration.

Chasing the enemy: lymphotropic therapy enables automatic navigation when killing infection, cancer, etc.

On the one hand, Lymphotropic therapy can increase the efficiency of the drug in cases that are commonly treated using pills or intramuscular injections. It is fair for antibiotics or cytostatics etc. (i.e., in case of pneumonia or cancer, respectively, etc.). 
For instance, if a person gets a cold with a sore throat and a running nose with a yellow secrete, he has usually prescribed antibiotics in pills to take 1-2 times a day for up to 10 days. We take the same antibiotics in the form of the solution, decrease the dose, mix it with anesthetics for it to be painless, and to reach a particular concentration. We then inject it with a tiny needle in the region of your neck below the jaw to the very exact point on each side. 
The reason we do it is because the lymph flow from your nose and throat comes to the lymphatic nodes located in your neck, so we kill the infection instantly at the time and place. Our technology allows antibiotics to chase bacterial infection on the way of spreading through lymphatics. All in all, you get the relief on the second day, and we decrease the dose of antibiotics up to 16 times.                     
The comparable thing happens when applying cytostatics in the in situ or metastatic cancer. It is widely known nowadays that cancer mostly spreads across the lymphatic system and only then reach the distant sites. 

Looking behind the mirror: opening new doors when nothing else helps

One the other hand, it can also even open new treatment possibilities in some other cases (i.e., atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's diseases or lymphedema, etc.).
In all cases of inflammation or excess accumulation of different substances, influencing the lymphatic system with lymphotropic injection can provide quick relief, including pain. We are now targeting Alzheimer's disease and Multiple Sclerosis in neurology when lymphatics of the dura matter, along with interstitium of the brain tissue, are responsible for inflammation management in those diseases and amyloid drainage. We would also like to apply immune therapy drugs locally in the treatment of cancer, influencing CTLA-4 and PD-L1. Last but not least, we can significantly decrease possible side effects and the dose of drugs (mind the costs of treatment).

Did we abandon everything else? No. we boosted it

Lymphotropic therapy is undoubted, the queen. But it does not mean we are sectants and neglect intravenous injections, modern drugs, and proved approaches. The medicine is a science and an art. We take the best of all methods and utilize them. Let us consider cancer. We take the drugs that are better to be done subcutaneous and do it. But we also take the medication that metabolizes only in the liver, so we do it intravenously. Science does not tolerate the ‘I did’ thing. Science adores ‘We did.’


Please note - we stated some excellent examples. However, the approach varies across diseases and requires expertise in physiology, morphology, and pharmacology. We often face the untamable desires to use it. Please do not do it without at least talking to us. Rushing means blushing, sometimes harmful. Please bear in mind many rights are reserved. Contact us about any issue that we could help you with.

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