Packed and ready to go? | Learn more about your stay and treatment plan

06 Dec, 2019
Packed and ready to go?  | Learn more about your stay and treatment plan

You might have heard some of our American patients say things like "I got more and better treatment in Russia than I would get in 2 or more years in the States!". That's probably true, but what can you expect when you come to Perm for treatment?

Of course, you will fly to Perm

Here's what our airport looks like.

Perm International Airport «Bolshoe Savino»

Don't worry, we will meet you at the airport and make sure you are taken care of from that moment on!

Most of our patients choose a hotel themselves on a site like There are a lot of nice hotels in Perm, but many choose the large "Ural" hotel. It is not far from the clinic and it is close to a lot of the cafes and restaurants that you are sure to enjoy! 

The «Ural» hotel is located in the historical center of Perm


With the travel guide that we provide you can visit main city attractions and even find out why Perm citizens are called «salty ears»


Or just relax and enjoy cusines in Perm restaurants: «Snail», «Happy», «ZaZa»

But you didn't come just to hang out or vist some restaurants. You came for treatment. And you had better be ready for the most thorough medical treatment you have ever experienced.

Treatment plan

Here is a treatment plan that we made for a recent treatment.

This is the Day 1 treatment for a patient who recently came with the goal of snoring treatment and sleep free of his CPAP machine.

Explanation of we start off with preliminary treatment right away, but also in-depth diagnostics. You will be meeting with several of our doctors during your time with us.

For example, this is Dr. Igor. He is one of the doctors who stand at origins of the clinic. With more than 35 years practice now he is one of the leading GPs, Lymphologist and Head of Oncology Department. You will often meet him on the first day of your stay during the PE (physical exam). Of course, all of your interaction with the doctors will take place either directly in English or with a translator. And our patients are always blown away- our doctors are not rushing off to another patient! We work hard to listen carefully and thoroughly.

This is when we begin to create a road map to health. We believe that your body is designed to work together, not just as a group of unconnected parts. That is why we look deeply into the reasons of the health issue to find a solution for you.

Here is an example of a road map we made for an American patient who came with chronic leukemia 

Each day is carefully planned and you will not waste any time waiting in lines. For example, you see that on this Day 1 treatment, there is a CAT scan, blood work, 2 doctor appointments, and also our treatment. We could not do this without careful planning of every minute for your convenience.

What do the treatments look like? Well, usually we are doing a series of targeted injections that are tailor made specifically for your health issue.

Here is a lymphotropic injection that a patient had who recently came with intracranial hypertension

Most of our patients come for 2-3 weeks. Each day is carefully tailored, but in most cases we can make them a little less intense after we have gathered the initial diagnostic material and we usually achieve that by the end of Day 4. But it's also important to understand that you will be sent home with careful instructions on any further necessary treatment. That is why the last few days are often dedicated to final appointments and they usually take 3-4 hours.

After a few intense weeks like this with our patients, we often feel like we have almost a family connection with them. That's why our patients always feel comfortable to ask any follow-up questions when they return home. And it is because of the value, quality, and result of the treatment that they have received, they are our best sales managers! :)

Have any other questions about the details of your health treatment visit to Perm? We would love to discuss all of the details with you, and we look forward to making you at home and also providing the best health care in the world from here in our home city of Perm, Russia!

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