The Hidden Danger of Mouth-Breathing and Chronic Congestion | A Webinar With Dr. Nadia

21 Feb, 2020
The Hidden Danger of Mouth-Breathing (VIDEO)

Are you a “mouth breather”?  In other words, do you find it difficult to breathe normally, without any extra effort, through your nostrils?  Do you think that chronic congestions is just a normal way of life that is to be just accepted and perhaps ignored?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are part of a very large part of the population that is probably using sprays, nose drops, and other symptom “band-aids” to cover up a more serious problem.  

As doctors with more than 40 years of experience in providing real treatment, rather than just symptom relief, we can safely say that ignoring chronic congestion, can lead to more serious health risks over time.

That is why we decided to run our first ever English-language webinar with the Lymphatech Clinic chief doctor, Dr. Nadia on the “Hidden Dangers of Mouth-Breathing”.

The good news is that it is possible to find diagnose the reason behind the chronic congestion you are experiencing and provide a long-term cure.

We invite you to watch the webinar recording and also read the transcript below.  If you are suffering from mouth-breathing, please understand that at the Lymphatech Clinic, our main focus is to seek the reasons behind your diagnosis and symptoms and eliminate those reasons. Many times there are multiple reasons, so we prioritize them and provide our patients with a road-map on how to restore one’s health. 

If you are looking for a real cure rather than just symptom relief, please don’t hesitate to begin the road to health simply by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.  



Please note that at the end of the webinar there was a Q&A session, but we will publish those questions and answers separately in future blog posts here on this web page.    

Today I am going to speak about the very common health issue that is usually neglected but that is very significant to one’s general well-being and is even related to many serious diseases. 

This is simple nasal congestion when you can not breathe 100% freely with your nose. We also call it simply mouth-breathing.

So today we are covering 6 points: 

  1. Where does nasal congestion come from?
  2. Three epic fails in treating nasal congestion
  3. How does nasal congestion steal years of your life and even pleasure?
  4. 7 steps to reclaim your nasal breathing and reduce further risks. 
  5. Q&A session
  6. And finally, our special offer for foreign patients. 


In the year 2006, we held a seminar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. An extensive group of doctors attended - an ENT, a surgeon, an immunologist, a general practitioner, and others. We spoke for hours about the lymphatic system and how we should approach the treatment. 

An ENT readily proclaimed afterward. He said, “Get your patent ready for the USA and you will become the richest doctors in the world!!!”. He continued, “There are tens of millions of mouth breathers across the United States and you have a method to treat them all”.

It is true, 80% percent of patients hardly get any proper treatment. It is mostly limited to “Here is your nasal spray, some hormones, antibiotic pills. Have a great day!”.  

But we will get to that later.

  1. About Your Nose

You can not breathe freely because the air you inhale obviously can not go freely through your nostrils and nasal passage. The passage of air is somehow limited. It is narrowed or even fully blocked.

It is ALL about inflammation. What is inflammation? 

Inflammation is a protective response of your organism to an external or internal threat. 

Inflammation involves immune cells, blood vessels, and molecular mediators. It is a mechanism of innate immunity. Immunity itself is not a physical substance. It is a feature that is almost fully performed by the lymphatic system. Inflammations are characterized by heat, pain, redness, some loss of function and swelling. The latter, the swelling is the one we need.

The swelling leads to enlargement of the tissues, even the tissues in your nasal passages thus causing their narrowing or complete blockage.

Now, why does the inflammation happen in the first place? 

Inflammation actually is part of the way we were created. And yes,  I believe both in science AND in Intelligent Design by a Сreator! 

Inflammation can be acute and it can be chronic. If the immune system works well, acute inflammation should generally resolve when the threat is taken care of by the lymphatic system.

The threat can be external: a viral, bacterial or fungal infection.

Inflammation involves many cells and molecules to eliminate the threat and initiate a repair process in the tissue through a series of biochemical reactions. If there is no inflammation, there is no immune response. There is nothing to stand against the infection.

The lymphatic system is very much involved in this process. It is the infrastructure for the immune response. It cleans out all the waste. 

Let’s have a closer look to the lymphatic system. 

If the lymphatic system, and hence the immunity is weak, acute inflammation can become chronic, meaning it is there constantly that shows up when you get cold and calms down afterward but never goes away completely because your immune system knows - the foe is still there, but it can not cope with it itself. 

It needs professional medical intervention, which is reluctant to come. 

b. Moving closer to your nose

The lymphatic system covers your whole body and internal organs, your throat, eyes, ears, nose, even your brain is taken care of by the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic System of The Neck Region

The lymphatic system drains all the bacteria and pathogen and eliminates it within the lymphatic nodes

For instance, if you get an infection, your lymphatic system is there for you to perform the immune function and eliminate this bacteria. 

But usually, all we know about this vital organ is that our doctor will check our neck for swollen lymph nodes when we visit him complaining of a cold.  But do we know how it is one of the main keys to our health?

Here is the illustration for it. 

Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system determines the outcome of any disease

What are the most common names for the foes according to our experience? 

These are bacterial Staphylococcus, mostly Aureus; DNA viruses - a triad CMV, EBV, HHV-6, and several fungal infections. 


а) Epic Fail one. Insufficient measures. Too many drugs.

Ok, suppose you have a cold. You feel the inflammation as congestion and stuffiness in your nose. 

Your running nose tries to produce more mucus to eliminate bacteria and get them out. Your mandibular lymph nodes are enlarged. Your lymphatic system works hard. Sometimes not enough and you get some cough because the infection goes the bronchia and lungs. 

It seems to go away after 5-7 days, maybe with a bit of a fever but soon it comes back and you seek a doctors’ advice. He generally prescribes some sprays to reduce the swelling, some antibiotics to kill the infection (never actually knowing which one). And it helped! It gave you the relief you wanted.... for a while.

Everybody seems to be happy- especially the doctor and the insurance company whose standards are fulfilled and expenses are low. 

But your lymphatic system is not happy at all. Your immune system is still alert and frustrated. The enemy masked itself behind the absence of clear symptoms. It sits there constantly irritating your immune system and manifesting itself from time to time. 

Every time it shows up you just push back the symptoms with the standard procedures like sprays and pills, cutting the tip of an iceberg, but neglecting the underwater part. 

The infection resides there untouched and leads to disastrous complications which can show up in 20 years’ time from now. Or you can see them now because 20+ years ago no one was there for you to put this viral infection into the irons of the immune system. We will speak about complications in part 3. 

In the modern world, the immune system can not cope with the infection itself in 96% of the population. And measures taken are insufficient and prescribed with blind eyes without proper and thorough diagnostics. Intermittent illogical intake of antibiotics makes the bacteria resistant to it. 

b) Epic fail Number two. Unnecessary excessive measures. Crazy surgery. 

Children and young adults who frequently suffer from a sore throat (tonsillitis, laryngitis) or running nose (rhinitis, sinusitis) almost always get recommended to have their palatine tonsils out.

Palatine tonsils are a unique barrier that protects your organism from further spreading of the infection. It is a shield. And of course, it suffers the most. Of course, it hurts. But do not remove it unless there is a malignant tumor inside (we recently had such a case in our clinic). 

What happens when they are out? Your strongest organic defense system has just been stolen. Now, we know that our organism is marvelously crafted to adapt. As a compensatory mechanism the pharyngeal tonsil is enlarged, usually, they call it adenoid. It is now enlarged and again decreases the passage of air. So the wrong tactic is to knock it down too.

Here are some stats.

Removal of palatine tonsils does not decrease the incidence of upper airways infection

But increases the incidence of diseases of the upper respiratory tract by 300%.

Removal of the pharyngeal tonsil increases the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

c) Epic fail three.  What we call “The nonchalant approach”

When your doctor just says... ‘Have a nice day!’

But it’s not just the doctor who becomes impassive… it can also be the patient.

The former does not bother to provide the simple tests, like laboratory scrapes of nasal cavities, a simple CT of nasal sinuses, or basic immune system profiling. They are fast to interfere with drugs illogically and unsystematically. They refuse to think because it is not in common practice or what would my colleagues think. They do not recognize the risk. They do not take action.

What about us, unlike many, we commit our time and engage every machinery and piece of the brain we have to find the reason and custom build a treatment program.

The latter, the patients, do not seek desperately to find the solution. No insults, but we are responsible for our bodies and how we maintain them. We need to seek in order to find and to knock for the door to be opened.

Do we want to live long enough to be able to enjoy time with our children of our grandchildren?

For those of us who believe in God, there are several texts in Scriptures encouraging us to take care of the body. Our favorite and comprehensive one is in 1 Thessalonians 5:23.

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

For those who believe that life ends here on earth, do we want to die with pain from sickness or without? 

We just had an American patient with leukemia. A very noble gentleman, 70+, fit, eating healthy, fighting for his health, struggling to find answers for his struggle with leukemia. He finally flew here to Perm. And what we found out hit us like a bullet train.

For 10 years he had been suffering from acute facial pain with doctors knowing there is something inside causing the pain and doing nothing except constant painkillers. 

And let me be clear here- regular intake of painkillers increases your risk for stroke. Moreover, this constant fungal lesion in his sinus was huge and it was a target to the immune system for so long that this target may have driven the immune system mad, attacking its own body resulting in cancer. 

This is a clear and unfortunately typical example of a nonchalant approach of insurance-based, standard-limited, time-lacking, brain-absent healthcare.

We, of course, killed the pain instantly with the lymphotropic therapy injections. Then we rebalanced the immune system. Then we sent him over for surgery to remove the fungal lesion (he chose to do it back home in the States). The source of pain is now almost completely gone, the inflammation point is resolved, the blood work already shows a steady decrease in WBC promising that cancer (his particular type of leukemia) will step back. It is still a way to go. Cancer never gives up that easy. But in this case, we believe we found the root cause of cancer. We try to fight it back to the very victory of life.

So, serious immune system disbalance is just one of the long term consequences of persistent infection somewhere inside you. 

We are now moving forward to part 3.



What ramifications can this constant infection (single or multiple) do to your health? You already heard about some issues with the immune system, increased incidence of respiratory tract diseases, even cancer. What else?

Consequences of chronic nasal congestion

We will split them into two groups. 

The first is naked and obvious. Second is tricky and misleading, at least to those who did not study the lymphatic system.

  1. First group

These events are obviously connected to your nose

  • Otitis - diseases of ears

  • Hearing impairment

  • Buzzing in the ears, called tinnitus.

  • Chronic cough

  1. Second group 

These are that require some thinking

Snoring and sleep apnea. Constant inflammation narrows the airways and makes the air sound differently when passing through. You thought snoring is an overweight problem that alternates the shape of the palate. It is really more related to inflammation. There is no point in CPAP unless you deal with the infections.  Your lungs suffer as well. Inflamed airways cause a pause in your breathing while you sleep. Thus you don't have enough rest, because you do not have enough air and oxygen

Here comes bronchial asthma as well.

You consume at least 3000 gallons of air daily and much more when you work out. If your airways are narrowed by constant inflammation there is a shortage of oxygen delivered to the brain. The infection, as we have just seen, infiltrates the lymphatic nodes and blocks the lymphatic system. But drainage from the brain goes through the very same draining system. If it is occupied by infection, there is no proper drainage. Here the very possible roots for headaches are hiding. 

Drainage from the brain

What is more, lack of drainage and lack of oxygen causes intracranial hypertension, which means increased pressure inside the cranium. There is an increased amount of liquid in the brain and it can compress some parts of it, for example, hypophysis. Let’s take a man for example. Hypophysis regulates hormone production. One can be chorionic gonadotropin, which is a raw material for testosterone. Low hormone levels lead to obesity, blood pressure, and lower sexual function, etc. 

If you had your tonsils removed, it affects your thymus. It is a small gland behind your sternum grip.  It produces T cells, your immune system agents. 

Moreover, your digestive tract is being regulated from the head as well. 

The thyroid gland is a tender substance. But knowing it is linked to the very same lymphatic system with your nasopharynx means it gets affected the first. Have you heard about autoimmune thyroiditis? And again, it is responsible for hormone production. And hormones that it produces are responsible for dozens of biochemical reactions in the organism.

Infections can go to the brain itself, especially when tonsils were removed after multiple cases of mononucleosis. The herpes family is so naughty they can affect the neural system causing the pain to appear here and there. 

The persistent Ebstein-Barr virus is even proven to be oncogenic, which means triggering cancer. Constantly Infiltrated lymph nodes, for instance, is a quick lane to lymphoma.

90% of congestion comes from an unrecognized and untreated chronic infection that can go elsewhere causing even pain of unknown origin. 

Ok, we got it, you say. What can we do?

4. 7 steps to reclaim nasal breathing and treat its complications

  1. Round up your symptoms. Check if you have the following. 

    1. Stuffiness in the nose, nasal congestion. Frequent colds, more than 1 episode in a year is considered frequent

    2. Snoring

    3. Chronic cough

    4. Mood variability and depression

    5. Headaches or any other chronic pain

    6. Elevated blood pressure

  2. Sum-up your medical history. Have you suffered episodes of shingles, mononucleosis, tonsils removal, adenoids, or other surgery, bronchial asthma, pneumonia and any other diseases you had in your childhood including infections?

  3. Check free nasal breathing in each nostril, holding the other nostril. Hold one nostril, breathe in with the other one. Do you breathe freely? No, try the same with the other nostril.

  4. Pour it on your local GP saying “I suspect I have a chronic infection that affects my immune system based on symptoms and tests done” and get the proper tests done. Has he laughed at you? Move to step 4 now.

  5. Get some tests done: 

    1. Inoculation for bacteria from fauces (or cheek) and from your nose

    2. PCR test of crape for DNA of viruses EBV, CMV, HHV-6

    3. PCR test of blood for DNA of viruses EBV, CMV, HHV-6 and HHV-8

    4. CT for the nasal sinuses (no X-ray please)

    5. MRI for the brain

    6. Immune system profiling (Layout of the cell population of your immune system)

In Russia, no referrals from the doctors needed are needed to perform these tests.

  1. Based on the test results, get the proper treatment for bacterial or fungal infection

  2. Rebalance the immune system for viral suppression (no antibiotics please) 

Seek professional advice if the lab keeps saying there is nothing. 

If you are looking for a real cure rather than just symptom relief, please don’t hesitate to begin the road to health simply by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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