Many people over the age of 40 believe that their atherosclerosis prescription medication is harmless. But these drugs are actually a guarantee of poor health and memory impairment. We have developed a completely new method that helps the body naturally get rid of plaques in the vessels!
The Lymphatic System plays a significant role in the treatment of atherosclerosis. Our experienced lymphologists use our patented technology to trigger the lymphatic system so you will protect yourself from heart attacks, strokes, and the many other effects of atherosclerosis.


How does it work?

Atherosclerosis is not at all as noticeable as many people think. Yes, there is the plaque build-up somewhere in the vessels. But vasoconstriction means increased pressure, lack of oxygen for the brain, increased heart wear, heart attack, stroke, and a dozen more unpleasant consequences.

It is believed that atherosclerosis is not treated with anything other than statins. These drugs bind blood cholesterol and prevent plaque build-up. Do they eliminate the cause of plaques itself? - No. Moreover, prolonged use of statins can cause the development of Alzheimer's disease.

It is truly amazing! The lymphatic system and its capillaries go through every organ and system in the human body, including the walls of arteries and tissues in which the arteries are located. Its task includes removing excess cholesterol from the vessel wall. If the lymphatic system does not work properly, the plaque grows. All that is needed is to start it, and we learned how to do it and patented this method!

Our treatment approach is unique and is focused on cleansing the lymphatic system from waste and increasing microcirculation. When the lymphatic system is properly flushed, it will restore its natural function and start draining the atherosclerotic plaques from vessels.

When you visit the Lymphatech Clinic, we will start with a thorough check-up. We assess the quantity and quality of atherosclerotic plaques, the condition of the lymphatic vessels and nodes and then we start the treatment. This takes place in our clinic with the use of special drugs administered by intravenous infusions  and subcutaneous injections (shallow injections under the skin). The latter is called lymphotropic therapy. It is a patented method, developed under the leadership of our chief physician professor Nadezhda Gariaeva, and is based on decades of fundamental studies by many scientists since the Soviet times. It is both pain and hassle-free. Ten lymphatic injection treatments will provide the necessary boost for your body to begin to fight atherosclerosis.

After that, your prescribed healthy food, some basic medication, and exercise will still be necessary, but their effect will be dramatically improved. Your edema will drop, you will return mobility, the pain will go away, you will start to lose weight and what is more - you will find yourself beautiful again and moreover, you will feel enjoyment from your body! Last but not least - you will feel an increase in your energy.

Valeriy came to Lymphatech at the age of 43 with a diagnosis of coronary heart disease and headaches, fatigue, and a general inability to work. Using ultrasound duplex scanning, we found plaque build up in the carotid arteries, narrowing the lumen by 50%. This is on the left side. And on the right side - the plaque was also calcified. Its structure did not resemble a lump of fat, but rather a stone.
In addition, we did multispiral computed tomography which provides access to the condition of the arteries directly connected to the heart. And there we found the problem to be even worse and more dangerous. One of the diagonal branches of the aorta was blocked already by 73%!
After the first course of treatment in 10 days, we were able to half-free the left artery and soften the right plaque, blood pressure returned to normal. This was a very difficult situation. Valera came to us 3 more times. He felt a taste of health and began to completely change his lifestyle. And here is the main result - the heart is now out of danger.
In his aorta, the plaque build-up decreased from 73% to 29% in diameter and from 93% to 51% in area.
Valeriy did not take statins at all throughout this process. And now he has begun to actively train and now the contraction ability of his heart has improved by 34%! And Valery is now using the treadmill and can easily run10 km.

What is included in the atherosclerosis treatment plan?

Two weeks of total treatment is enough to dramatically and positively affect your Atherosclerosis. Here is what is included:

  1. Your comfort
  • We pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.  Our clinic is located not far from the city center, and there are several very nice hotels nearby that we can recommend
  • 24/7 English-speaking telephone support: whether you have a question for your physician or simply want advice about dining out, we are always available and in touch
  • Your English speaking personal assistant will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the clinic and back and to any other place related to the treatment
  • A fully loaded local cell-phone with unlimited data to stay on-line with your nearest and dearest
  • We accept all major bank cards for payment
  • We accept your medical records in English
  • All data produced by us will be translated into the English language and will be given to you before you leave
  1. Medical program
  • Initial 2-hour appointment with your doctor.  We work hard to make sure we understand all of the details of your medical situation and history
  • CT/MRI scan of the abdomen
  • Ultrasound of arteries and organs
  • Comprehensive blood checks - up to 3 times during your visit
  • All physical and exams
  • Glucose checks
  • Cardiologist and ECG tests
  • 2 weeks of treatment
  • All medication needed for the treatment
  • Final appointment to discuss the results and get further

All treatment and tests are outpatient — no need to stay in the clinic even a single night.  Although many of our doctors speak English, an interpreter will be with you all the time you are in the clinic to insure you understand all the details at all times.

Not included

We will happily assist in any of the above upon request.

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