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Many people want access to our team of doctors, but some do not have time to come to Lymphatech and get solutions in person. Now you can send us your documents and in 48 hours you will receive a "Road map" that will help you solve the health issue of any complexity.


How does it work?

Whether you are unable to come to the Lymphatech clinic, or if you are wanting a clearer understanding of what we offer, before traveling to Russia, our online doctor service gives you access to our team of doctors from anywhere in the world.

We will examine your health issue in detail and then provide a Road Map to health.

A Road Map is a document that includes step-by-step recommendations on how you can solve your personal health issue of any complexity. No need to be a specialist — the Road Map is simple to understand and follow. But behind this simple design is a thorough work of the whole team of Lymphatech professionals. After you leave your request we will be in touch in less than 24 hours. We will help you formulate your questions and tell how to send all of your medical data. After that, you pay for the service online, and in less than 48 hours you will receive your personal Road Map. It is as simple as that. 

What is included?

In less than 2 days you get a solution to any health issue you have. Here is what is included:

  1. Your comfort
  • English-speaking telephone support
  • We accept all major bank cards for payment
  • We accept your medical records in English
  • All data produced by us will be translated into the English language
  • In addition to the Road Map, you get a special copy for your personal doctor if needed
  1. Medical program
  • We work hard to make sure we understand all of the details of your medical situation and history
  • We stay in touch to resolve any question
  • Finally, we discuss the results and get further

How does it work?

What is the price?

$190 an hour (USD) — 
We have a limited time promotion - $115 an hour (USD) during October 2019

Usually, it takes min 2 hours for one health issue — $230. Extra question takes additional 1-2 hours each. Although there are complicated systemic issues than can take more time. Maximum time to solve one issue is 8 hours.


How can we help you?

Regardless of your health need we are ready to listen carefully and provide real solutions. Please fill out this short form and we will be in touch soon.

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