We know what you've been told- that your condition that is not even a disease. But you still suffer.
You are not alone- 4-8% of the population knows exactly how you feel. But it is a shame that up until now, only a few of them know our fibromyalgia treatment approach and received their long-awaited relief.
At the Lymphatech Clinic in Perm, Russia, we blend our expertise in neurology and the lymphatic system, with our systematic and individualized approach and readiness to listen to you carefully and explore all available treatment options.
Are you ready to put an end to the pain with us?


Fibromyalgia is often diagnosed incorrectly

To start with, Fibromyalgia is often diagnosed incorrectly. Many times it occurs not as a disease but as a condition embracing different symptoms such as widespread pain and pain in certain trigger points, sometimes fatigue accompanied by sleep, memory and mood issues. But this condition can be caused by a whole variety of reasons started from trauma, a bacterial or viral infection or even a disease you are not aware of. The source of the symptoms may have ceased to exist long ago,  but the consequences remain. 

You may have already been prescribed several pills including antidepressants (which can even worsen the condition), painkillers, antiseizure, and more. According to our experience it is simply not enough nor it is not a proper approach at all.

How does the Lymphatech Fibromyalgia Treatment work?

First of all, allow us to provide a thorough general checkup — and check whether it is true fibromyalgia or perhaps there is another disease behind it. If there is one — we will focus on curing it. It can be localised or general, including a common syndrome called asthenia. 

We mentioned the Lymphatic system. This system is not only the lymphatic nodes, but also a huge array of vessels and capillaries in your body. Even more — it is the fluid and tissue between the cells called intercellular space.

Your nerve endings that feel pain, your brain, your spinal cord — all are surrounded by the lymphatic system as well.  This surrounding is polluted with the wastes of your cells (this can also be a consequence of other diseases). It can change regular chemical reactions and this can trigger another chain of reactions that provoke nerve to submit a pain signal to your brain.

All of these reactions occur in this intercellular space. The Lymphatic system was designed to clean this intercullular space from all the wastes and maintain a balance. If you google it you can easily find that one of the main features of the lymphatic system is drainage and detoxication. One of the wastes are small particles called neuromediators that trigger those chemical reactions that end up with you feeling pain!

It is as simple as a battleground. If the battleground had been having a severe storm for a week or two the roads are muddy and it turns nasty. If you go and fight a battle on this battleground — your infantry will be stuck and moreover, even your transport vehicles will not be able to rescue them as the traffic is paralysed. 

Likewise, when the lymphatic system does not work properly (and in modern times, it normally does not) and the intercellular space is overpolluted with wastes, the organism does not fell well. This causes irregular reactions that feels like pain. It is actually a signal to you — many thing are wrong, please, do something about it.

«Why then do I feel it through the whole body and they prescribed me anti-depressants?» This is, of course, fair question. Well, firstly because the lymphatic system is located throughout the whole body and if it bad it is bad throughout the whole body. And secondly, the reason that is responsible for overproduction of wastes can be also systemic — meaning true for the whole organism.

Our treatment focuses on two things. First of all — we remove any possible reason for the neuromediators to be overexpressed when they are not needed. Secondly, we improve the general condition of the lymphatic system.

All of this is done with the proper drugs and our unique approach on how to apply this medicine is based on fundamental knowledge about lymphatic system.

It is safe and proven to be effective even in cancer pain. Even if the pain is so irritating and your condition requires instant heavy weapon to be launched — we have the one right for you. Extra special shots that instantly relieve the pain instantly and give us time to work on the reasons. 

We will work hard to improve your condition with fibromyalgia: decrease the amount of pills you do not need; deliver pain-relief; reduce fatigue. It may require some time to get full relief, but our treatment will produce a profound positive impact.  

What is included?

To improve your condition with Fibromyalgia we will need three weeks of treatment. It is our advanced holistic program with a systematic yet individualized approach. Here is a short plan of what is included:

  1. Your comfort
  • When you arrive we pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.  Our clinic is located not far from the city center, and there are several very nice hotels nearby that we can recommend
  • 24/7 English-speaking telephone support: whether you have a question for your physician or simply want advice about dining out, we are always available and in touch
  • Your English speaking personal assistant will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the clinic and back and to any other place related to the treatment
  • A fully loaded local cell-phone with unlimited data to stay on-line with your nearest and dearest
  • We accept all major bank cards for payment
  • We accept your medical records in English
  • All data produced by us will be translated into English language and will be given to you before you leave
  1. Medical program
  • Initial 2-hour appointment with your doctor. We work hard to make sure we understand all of the details of your medical situation and history
  • CT/MRI scan of required zones
  • Ultrasound of arteries and organs
  • Comprehensive blood checks - up to 3 times during your visit
  • All physical exams
  • Cardiologist appointment and ECG tests
  • All other appointments requied
  • 3 weeks of specific and general treatment
  • All medication needed for the treatment
  • Final appointment to discuss the results and get further recommendations

All treatment and tests are outpatient — no need to stay in the clinic even a single night.  Although many of our doctors speak English, an interpreter will be with you all the time you are in the clinic to insure you understand all the details at all times.

Not included

We will happily assist on any of the above upon request.

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