Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is when your white blood cells rises uncontrollably and many people believe there is only chemotherapy that stands against it. Apparently not. We developed a treatment approach that hits the reason of this cancer itself. The idea is to remove the trigger that provokes your organism to produce more and more white blood cells.


Our view on lymphocytic leukaemia 

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is a condition  when the process of lymphocytes development development is damaged. On of the reason behind it can be herpes viruses like Epstein – Barr virus etc. Those are known to increase risk of cancer. It is possible you have never been tested for those and many times they are completely asymptomatic to patient. It means you do not generally feel it. The virus which is constantly located in the body affects the lymphatic system through the lymphatic nodes and hence your immunity. White blood cells and namely lymphocytes are part of the immune system. At some point of time this burden paired with lifestyle and episodes of stress can provoke your organism to react. Or even to mutate and behave differently - grow in quantity.

What we suggest? 

The viral or bacterial burden on immune system can be lowered medically with our treatment. We inject special drugs to help the immune system fight back and give an organism a shoulder. It can feel it and react and decrease the number of lymphocytes produced (i.e. accumulated in you 3 cm lymphatic node). Thus, condition can be maintained well for number of years and even reversed and you will even escape the need to start chemo or other special treatment against cancer itself.

We have extensive experience in treating of various conditions of immune system and lymphatic system for 30 years and successfully cases that sustain our approach.

What is included?

Two weeks of total treatment is enough to dramatically and positively affect your Leukemia. Here is what is included:

  1. Your comfort
  • We pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.  Our clinic is located not far from the city center, and there are several very nice hotels nearby that we can recommend
  • 24/7 English-speaking telephone support: whether you have a question for your physician or simply want advice about dining out, we are always available and in touch
  • Your English speaking personal assistant will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the clinic and back and to any other place related to the treatment
  • A fully loaded local cell-phone with unlimited data to stay on-line with your nearest and dearest
  • We accept all major bank cards for payment
  • We accept your medical records in English
  • All data produced by us will be translated into English language and will be given to you before you leave
  1. Medical program
  • Initial 2-hour appointment with your doctor.  We work hard to make sure we understand all of the details of your medical situation and history
  • CT/MRI scans
  • Ultrasound of arteries and organs
  • Comprehensive blood checks - up to 3 times during your visit
  • All physical and exams
  • Glucose checks
  • Cardiologist and ECG tests
  • 2 weeks of treatment
  • All medication needed for the treatment
  • Final appointment to discuss the results and get further

All treatment and tests are outpatient — no need to stay in the clinic even a single night.  Although many of our doctors speak English, an interpreter will be with you all the time you are in the clinic to insure you understand all the details at all times.

$9470 (USD)

Not included

We will happily assist on any of the above upon request.


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