Swelling and Lymphedema

With just 2-3 weeks of treatment your chronic swelling can be treated without surgery, compression hosiery or massage! The Lymphatech patented method provides long-term pain and swelling relief for more than 90% of our patients. This method is suitable for any type of edema, including primary and secondary lymphedema, and post-cancer treatment. Learn how our patients found this relief.


Why is it so difficult to find real edema relief?

Unfortunately, and quite surprisingly, the lymphatic system is given little attention in medical schools and is not taken into account at all when treating edema in conventional, non-lymphological clinics. Be sure, whatever the reason for the swelling may be, the lymphatic system is always a part of any edema, simply because this is how the human body was designed.


It is also incredibly unfortunate, even shocking, that there is a widely-held belief that lymphedema can not be treated. All too often, when a patient with lymphedema approaches a medical professional for treatment, they are told that the only solution is to wear compression hosiery every day, periodically go to a special massage, and take a handful of drugs. This is simply not true.

What kind of edema are we talking about?

Any! Edema is the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues. Imagine that the removal of fluid occurs not only through the venous system, but also through the lymphatic system: interstitium, lymphatic collectors, vessels, lymph nodes. That is why in any edema there is lymphatic edema (lymphedema, lymphostasis).

What type of edema can be treated?

  • Secondary lymphedema after cancer treatment: surgery with lymph nodes removal, radiation therapy and even chemotherapy
  • Primary lymphedema (lymphedema tarda or praecox) - congenital defects of the lymphatic system, manifested after childbirth or other trauma
  • Swelling after trauma, fracture, surgery
  • Lymphedema with venous insufficiency (in fact, it is lymphovenous)
  • Swelling that did not go away after an insect bite, infections and diseases
  • Swelling caused by autoimmune diseases
  • Swelling of the lower limbs or even the labia caused by simple hair epilation
  • Edema associated with diabetes, heart or kidney diseases
  • Lipedema

The lymphatic system is actively involved in all these edema. Lymphatech treats any of those.

Do not attempt to squeeze edema out — with the proper treatment
the lymphatic system will cope with it on its own!

Unlike other approaches, such as massage or bandaging, we are not trying to squeeze out the swelling from the tissue - this will only harm the lymphatic system. Our team has been researching the lymphatic system since 1983. The team is headed by professor of anatomy, lymphologist, general practitioner and oncologist Dr. Nadezhda Garyaeva.


We have developed a treatment method that restores the ability to contract of the lymphatic vessels and the lymphatic system itself begins to pump out edema from the tissues.

How do we do it? Only science. No bandages or homeopathy. And this is a drug-based treatment only. This takes place in our clinic with the use of special drugs administered by intravenous infusions and subcutaneous injections (shallow injections under the skin). The latter is called lymphotropic therapy. It is a patented method, developed under the leadership of our chief physician professor Nadezhda Gariaeva, and is based on decades of fundamental studies by many scientists since the Soviet times. It is both pain and hassle free. We are consistently restoring all the links of the lymphatic system. Watch the video where Nadezhda Alexandrovna explains everything herself.


The Lymphatech method revealed — how it works?

  1. First, we thoroughly investigate all the factors that may affect the formation of edema, and prescribe appropriate treatment (for example, for the heart, kidneys, autoimmune diseases, etc.)
  2. Then it is necessary to cleanse the area of edema from metabolic products - pollution of the pericellular space prevents the transport of intercellular fluid
  3. The next step is to assess the condition of the lymphatic vessels and, if necessary restore their function and cleanse them from infection
  4. Then we begin the lymphotropic therapy
  5. If edema is complicated by erysipelas, a neuropathic component, or fibrosis, special medications are added

After that, your prescribed healthy diet, some basic medication, and exercise will still be necessary, but their effect will be dramatically improved. Your edema will drop, your mobility will improve, the pain will go away, you will start to lose weight. Last but not least, you will feel an increase in your energy.


You have been told that lymphedema can not be treated? Our patients disagree!

Natalya had been suffering from painful edema for 14 years, but found quick relief at the Lymphatech clinic. Check out her story here:


What is included?

Two weeks of total treatment is enough to dramatically and positively affect your Lymphedema. Here is what is included:

  1. Your comfort
  • We pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel.  Our clinic is located not far from the city center, and there are several very nice hotels nearby that we can recommend
  • 24/7 English-speaking telephone support: whether you have a question for your physician or simply want advice about dining out, we are always available and in touch
  • Your English speaking personal assistant will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the clinic and back and to any other place related to the treatment
  • A fully loaded local cell-phone with unlimited data to stay on-line with your nearest and dearest
  • We accept all major bank cards for payment
  • We accept your medical records in English
  • All data produced by us will be translated into English language and will be given to you before you leave
  1. Medical program
  • Initial 2-hour appointment with your doctor.  We work hard to make sure we understand all of the details of your medical situation and history
  • Ultrasound of arteries, veins and morphometry - up to 3 times during your visit
  • Comprehensive blood checks - up to 3 times during your visit
  • All physical and exams
  • Cardiologist and ECG tests
  • 2 weeks of treatment
  • All medication needed for the treatment
  • Final appointment to discuss the results and get further

All treatment and tests are outpatient — no need to stay in the clinic even a single night.  Although many of our doctors speak English, an interpreter will be with you all the time you are in the clinic to insure you understand all the details at all times.

Not included

We will happily assist on any of the above upon request.

Contact us through the form below. We look forward to talking with you and discussing whether our treatment method could work for you!

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