Myositis is a condition that includes inflammation of the muscles. An injury, infection, or autoimmune disease can cause it.

Many of you have come to our page because you saw the news report about our patient, Alan Spencer, who came to Lymphatech with a diagnosis of inclusion body myositis:


Can we treat your inclusion body myositis?

We were thrilled to see Alan’s progress during and after his treatment of IBM (Inclusion Body Myositis) at Lymphatech. Many folks also ask if we can treat ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) as the symptoms are similar to IBM.

So, can we treat your IBM or ALS? That is a fantastic question, but unfortunately when it comes to any serious illness we can’t simply answer “yes” or “no”. 

Our experience has proven that in every single case, the diagnosis is different than the real reason behind the condition- this was also the case with Alan Spencer even though he had worked with some of America’s top doctors.

We do not have a “magic pill” to eliminate disease.  Instead, we are committed to thoroughly studying your medical situation from the very beginning before giving any answer.  And with a condition as complex as inclusion body myositis, the treatment will most likely include our own patented methods, but is highly individualized for your situation.

How do we get started?

For this reason, we have created a preliminary online consultation process. This will help us have the necessary information to both give you an understanding of what expectations you can have concerning your treatment, and also so that you will have a quote on the cost of your treatment.

In most cases, the treatment for inclusion body myositis is $4000/week. Treatment lasts a minimum of 4 weeks. Alan Spencer, for example, was with us for 6 weeks, but his situation was more advanced than most. This amount does not include the cost of hotel and food.  

Ready to begin?  Start off by clicking here to start your online consultation.

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