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Your Health Puzzle

Have you ever imagined that your childhood shingles can increase your atherosclerosis level and cause a constant headache and even memory loss so you are now taking paracetamol daily that may provoke stroke? This is because all processes in our body are fully interconnected and should be addressed respectively.  But that is more to get rid of it you should start treating your running nose. How is that?

Is it really possible to find the reason behind my health issue?

We believe there is a reason behind anything that is troubling you in your body today. And we are here to discover the real reason and solve it. Whether it is snoring, cancer, mouth-breathing or Alzheimer’s disease we have our expertise in the management and treatment of each of these. We are not limited in time, efforts or standards and involve our whole team in order to provide a systematic yet individual approach. With the Lymphatech Clinic, you are in charge and it is you who decides how deep we should go.

So how deep will you go?

Step 1: Start with a friendly sharing.

  • Share your personal health goals with us in as much detail as is necessary.
  • We will respond with some questions and our view on your situation.
  • Then we will invite to you to come to the clinic to go even further and start changing the situation.
  • Or if you do not have any chance to come, these recommendations will be of great help to you and your doctor.

Step 2: Plan the visit to Lymphatech and go for it!

  • Once you come we will start with the most thorough doctor visit you have ever experienced. We will talk you about your medical needs. We never rush through this visit, as knowing your full history will save both you and us time in the long run.
  • After that - your primary appointment with a full physical exam will take place.
  • By this point we will have everything we need to select proper diagnostic tests.

Step 3: Get ready to know everything about your current health situation.

  • We will conduct a 4-day check-up - physical and exam, lab, ultrasound, MRI, CT - everything needed to understand your health situation in detail.
  • While doing check-up we will already start your treatment. It boosts energy and will begin to positively influence your body, which is most closely connected to your health issues.

Step 4: Get an universal yet very perosnal solution to your Health needs.

  • Once all the tests are done - we will draw a health «road map» including all issues according to their importance or your well-being.
  • We discuss all of them including the treatment options so that you fully understand your treatment process and strategy.
  • The treatment usually takes up to 10 visits to the clinic.
  • Finally, you will have an appointment where we explain all further recommendations and how we will follow up on your case.


We will happily assist on any of the above upon requests.


How can we help you?

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