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We believe that no one knows your body like you and YOU should be the one in charge of your health- not your insurance provider.


We believe that no one knows your body like you and YOU should be the one in charge of your health- not your insurance provider.

You should not have to argue with your doctor about the need for an MRI or other lab tests, and if you feel they are necessary, you should not have to wait weeks or months for them.

Maybe you feel great, but it has been a long time (or maybe never?) since you have been to the doctor, and you know it is just time for a check-up.

That is why we have created the REIMAGINED CHECKUP program.  You will receive more attention and information in 1 week in Russia than you would receive by going to the doctor for years (!) back home.

Check it out:

1. Physical Exam, Imaging, Lab, Genetics, and Functional Tests

We are selective in what we prescribe but when we do so, we do it quickly.  

    • Two MRIs
    • Three CT scans
    • Comprehensive ultrasonic check-up: abdomen, lymphatic nodes, spleen, brachiocephalic arteries, leg arteries, and veins
    • Cervical spine x-ray
    • Full body Physical Exam with Chief Diagnostician, manual examination of every system of your body: from the brain and eyes to joints in the feet, etc.
  • LAB
    • CBC
    • Metabolic panel
    • Lipid panel
    • Hormones
    • Markers for oncology
    • Biochemistry
    • Immune system profiling
    • Custom-built Genetic profiling (up to 12 relative genes) to investigate future risks
    •  Cardio stress-test (treadmill)
    •  24 hour ECG and BP monitoring

2. You get more than 8 HOURS of medical brainwork 

This is where we gather information about your health by both meeting with you and studying your test results.

Your health is worth our time, and our thorough study and research approach to your medical situation is what distinguishes us from the rest of the medical world.

The Lymphatech REIMAGINE CHECKUP package includes:

  • An initial appointment with a general practitioner to establish your needs and history
  • A custom plan for diagnostic tests with our chief diagnostician
  • Appointments with a cardiologist, ENT and other specialists as indicated  
  • Analytical work by the team: data analysis of diagnostic tests, comprehensive diagnosis development, creation of a health profile and recommendations
  • Final appointment with the head general practitioner

The amount of time that our specialists spend meeting with you, studying your data, and then creating your health profile with future lifestyle or treatment recommendations is a MINIMUM of 8 hours, often more.

3. You are safe and well taken care of 24/7 

There is no language or cultural barrier at Lymphatech with our English-speaking doctors and your Personal Assistant. Our accompanying service includes: 

  • A personal assistant 6 hours a day (all medical appointments included) accompanying you everywhere you need to go to fulfill your medical program
  • 24/7 English-speaking telephone support: whether you have a question for your physician or simply want advice about dining out, we are always available and in touch
  • Transfer to and from the airport
  • Transfer to and from the hotel to the clinic and labs
  • All documents translated to English
  • A fully loaded local cell-phone with unlimited data to stay on-line with your nearest and dearest
  • City tour
  • Any necessary support you might need

And most importantly: 

All of your diagnostics documents will be translated into English, and you will have a comprehensive personal medical profile to take home with our recommendations for your lifestyle and possible further treatment.

4. You save a fortune

This REIMAGINED CHECK-UP is a $ 6300 flat fee and takes up to 7 days including arrival and departure dates.

If after the diagnostics you choose to pursue medical treatment at the Lymphatech Clinic, you will receive special rates.

Not included

Are you ready to get a thorough picture of your personal health situation AND save time and money?  Maybe you have some questions?  Do not hesitate to fill in the form below.  We will respond promptly.  We look forward to seeing you in Russia!

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