Reconsider Epilation! | And 7 other Lymphedema DOs and DON'Ts

15 Jan, 2020
Reconsider Epilation! | And 7 other Lymphedema DOs and DON'Ts

At Lymphatech, we know the dangers of epilation.  We have had multiple patients in recent months who are struggling with lymphedema after epilation in the intimate areas of their body.  The good news is that in 90% of lymphedema cases we are able to provide full treatment.  But maybe we can start with some simple advice to avoid lymphedema... or at least not make a bad situation worse?  Here are 7 lymphedema Do's and Don't's.  Check it out, and be sure to share with any of your friends who are struggling with lymphedema, whether it after a battle with breast cancer of from unknown reasons.  We are here not for symptom control, but to treat you to a life free from this debilitating condition. 

Yes, you struggle with lymphedema, but there is hope!

Meet Dr.Nadia.  She is a Russian professor of lymphology. She has been traveling the world, including numerous trips to the UK over the past 20 years. There are 200 000 lymphedema patients in the UK, according to NHS.  And Dr. Nadia is often both surprised and concerned as she knows that 90% of these lymphedema sufferers could benefit significantly simply obeying these EIGHT short DOs and DON'Ts.

Dr. Nadia explains.  “In 2005, I met Susanne, a mother of three.  Susanne suffered from lymphedema, but the only thing her doctor offered her was to find a support group. This experienced GP regretted there was nothing much to do about it. She was beautiful and was worried if the lymphedema would grow any further, making her unable to do her daily chores.

Ladies, despite the swelling causing pain, discomfort, and esthetic concerns,  I believe we do not have to be obsessed with lymphedema in a way that we turn our life upside down. There is no need to look for nutritional advice, special clothing, handsome massage specialists, or having to spend evenings away from our families in another support group meeting.”

In many cases lymphedema a reversible condition. Susanne found her cure at the Lymphatech Clinic in Russia.

However, there are several things Dr. Nadia would like to share that will help you to make the right choices. 

Lymphedema is reversible

1. DO protect the limb affected with lymphedema 

Firstly, you are probably aware that the affected limb should be safe from cuts and other trauma. It is also necessary to wear loose clothes and footwear, and to make sure the affected area is receiving enough rest. 

Secondly, do not do any injections into the affected area of your body, unless it is lymphotropic treatment.

Thirdly, weight management is an issue you should address. We are not talking about the 15 pounds you believe you gained during wintertime. Overweight means obesity that has reached a level of metabolic syndrome. This condition alone affects your lymphatic system and can cause lymphedema.  

Last but not least, be moderate with your physical activity. Especially in a rush for a perfect fit, we lift too much weight. It requires increased metabolism in your tissues. Unfortunately, tissue microcirculation is weak, so that extra efforts can worsen the edema.

2. DON`T take venotonics for lymphedema

If you do not have venous insufficiency, do not use venotonics for lymphedema. There is not sufficient evidence they can help. Lymphatic vessels are different from venous and may not benefit from the drug. 

3. DO reconsider epilation

Epilation is a widespread reason for lymphedema at any age. When you epilate, you damage your superficial lymphatic network under the skin. At some point, it will influence larger lymphatic vessels and abrupt lymph flow. Interestingly, we have seen many cases like those that doctors consider as primary lymphedema, which is not.

Epilation causes lymphedema


4. DON`T underestimate your tissue and skin condition

Edema in the tissue under your skin consists of lymph and contains metabolic wastes from the cells. Since the lymphatic system does not work correctly, the constant presence of the garbage in the tissue is a matter of concern. In the middle term, it can cause fibrosis. The tissue becomes thick and hard. Fibrosis can complicate possible treatment options narrowing it to liposuction. But do not go for it unless the fibrosis is too bad. Early stages of fibrosis can be reversible.  

If you notice redness on the skin, it means there is an infection, which can be bacterial or fungous. The most frequent complication is the erysipelas infection. Stay away from antibiotic pills in this case. Antibiotics should be delivered only via the lymphotropic method. 

5. DO slow down advertised physiotherapy

Slow down your bandaging and massage. It can make your lymphatic vessels even weaker. Remember, the lymphatic system should operate at its natural speed, do not force it manually to hard. Otherwise, it is like pushing too much in a plastic bag, too much and it will burst open. 

physiotherapy and lymphedema

6. DON`T readily agree with your doctor`s verdict

How to choose the right physician for lymphedema? Ask him about `visceral lymphedema.` If he does not know what it is, you need to keep looking. A hint: lymphedema can happen in any internal organ.

Moreover, in many cases, primary lymphedema is genuinely a secondary one, hiding its reason. It could be anything. You worked out too hard at the gym or a bee bit you in the shin two weeks ago. If the doctor hasn`t investigated your history well enough he won“t be able to provide the correct road map to health.

7. DO seek alternative treatment for lymphedema abroad

Several things are being developed right now to reverse the condition. One is a genetic therapy (we will give you the link soon). Hopefully, it can facilitate the growth of the new lymphatics.  However, the FDA has not approved it yet. 

Another option is a lymphotropic therapy. It is a method of treatment when special medicine is injected right in edema site and near to the lymphatic node. The latter improves its function, the former — makes your lymphatic vessel contract naturally and drain out lymph from your leg or arm.  This is our specialty at the Lymphatech Clinic and we have a deep history and overwhelmingly positive results.

8. DON`T put your feet up and relax

Figuratively speaking, of course. If you feel you need to act now, do not hesitate to write to us with your photos and condition description, and you can have a free case evaluation from our lymphologists FREE of charge. 

LEARN MORE about the Lymphatech“s approach to lymphedema treatment.


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