Revolutionary Lymphedema Treatment | Myth Debunked By Russian Doctors

25 Jan, 2020
Revolutionary Lymphedema Treatment | Myth Debunked By Russian Doctors

Are you amongst many patients with lymphedema either primary or secondary, who was told that there is no cure and you should have a nice day ending up in a support group? We are here for you to smash this myth down! Enjoy your hope for a cure growing while reading this article by a famous Russian lymphologist Professor Nadia Gariaeva, who reveals the secret of lymphedema treatment. No bandaging, no silly pills. Just pure science. Share the joy with Sussane who got her lymphedema cure thanks to a new method from Lymphatech.

Why is there a myth that lymphedema does not have a cure?

Because many scientists and physicians in the West are still stuck in the 1970s. At that time, doctors commonly believed that lymph moves passively in the lymphatic vessels. Professor Aleksey Borisov from Saint Petersburg (USSR) in 1982 changed it all. He made a shocking discovery that lymphatic vessels have muscles inside.  It meant there is an active lymph flow in the body, and the lymphatic vessels have the ability to contract.

Dr. Nadia

Professor Nadezhda Gariaeva stood at the very beginning of the new technology for the treatment of lymphedema.

Moreover, Borisov`s apprentice Professor Nadia from Perm, Russia, made yet another discovery showing that segments of the lymphatic vessel called lymphangions are allocated spirally. Not only that, but each valve of the lymphangion has muscles too, that prevent the backflow of lymph. This discovery changed the world for lymphedema warriors.


Lymphangions are little pumps that form a lymphatic vessel. If they work correctly, lymphedema will resolve.

What does it mean for lymphedema sufferers?

The edema or swelling happens when excess fluid gathers in tissues because there is a lack of lymphatic drainage in the limb, which is caused by weak lymphatic vessels. Usually, many people and doctors try to push the lymph through the lymph by force. Our discovery changed it all.

It means that all that we should do in lymphedema is to grow those little muscles in the lymphatic vessels stronger, and they will start to pump lymph regularly. Once we achieve it, the lymphatic system will drain all the fluid out of the limb, and the lymphedema will go away. We called this treatment approach Lymphatech`s method.

It also means there is no more room left for passive lymphedema treatment options like bandaging and lymphatic massage. Why try pushing a car standing on a parking brake when you can medically release it and run on its engine?

Treatment of lymphedema in Lymphatech

Dr. Nadia shows the syringe pump loaded with the particular medicine to activate lymphatic vessels. Dr. Liuba is getting ready to deliver the injections. Lymphatech Clinic, Russia, 2020.

How does Lymphatech`s method work for Lymphedema?

Lymphedema usually requires a three-fold action:

  1. We clean the paracellular space and remove wastes and infection. Lack of drainage causes metabolic garbage in the tissue and provides suitable conditions for infection to occur. We have infusions that help us to clean this out.
  2. We restore the functions of the lymphatic nodes. They can be blocked by infection and suppress lymphatic vessels` contractility as a broken traffic light. We focus on improving their performance using particular medicine.  
  3. We increase the contractility of the lymphatic vessels themselves. We do another medicine subcutaneously in the region of edema (for instance, in the leg), and the drug goes to the lymphatic vessels and forces them to contract.

In other words, consider lymph drop traveling from point A to point B. Firstly, we remove congestion from point A (edema site). Secondly, we make sure that the station at point B ais ready to receive the lymph. Thirdly, which is our pearl, we restore the highway itself (lymphatic vessels), so the lymph drop can develop speed.  All of it is being done by physicians in the clinic using drugs and needles. No physiotherapy,  no supplements, no magic. Our approach is pure science from the Russian School of Lymphology.

3 steps in lymphedema treatment

Three steps of lymphedema treatment according to Lymphatech

Why haven`t you heard about it before?

No surprises this technology remained hidden until Professor Nadia from Perm Russia started her lymphology clinic. We have been using the Lymphatech method in daily practice in Russia, and hundreds had received their cure. We recently started traveling the world, speaking about the treatment approach, and achieved results. In September 2019, Dr. Nadia attended the 27th World Congress Of Lymphology, where she delivered papers about lymphedema and atherosclerosis.

27th World Congress of Lymphology

Dr. Nadia at 27th WCOL in Argentina and her patent for Lymphedema treatment

We present here a 75-year-old lady who could hardly walk up three steps. She had our treatment for two weeks, and her swelling decreased significantly.

Moreover, therapy healed ulcers marked by black arrows on the left picture below. Often lymphedema comes with a complication called erysipelas. It worsens the case, but we add another drug to our technology and remove infection along with edema. Look, how marvelously it works even in a complicated situation.

Treatment results for lymphedema with erysipelas. Swelling decreased by 2 inches, and no infection remains in the tissue. 

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