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There are SPECIFIC reasons you are struggling with weight loss. When you can not lose weight through sports and diets turn to a physician to eliminate 8 possible medical reasons behind abnormal weight accumulation. It is our job to find them.


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It is a win-win for you. You will do a virtual check-up and lay down a foundation for a healthy and steady weight-loss process. Here is how it works:

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    • Possible medical reasons behind your obesity and how to investigate it
    • List of control bloodwork tests
    • Which health care professionals we recommend seeing and what medication to ask them about
    • Individualized diet program with calories amount and products to adopt
    • List of safe exercises to adopt
    • Target weight for the following month and three month period

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  1. After that, you can start following recommendations and start losing weight
  2. If you need a deeper medical look we encourage you to fulfill our medical plan
  3. We are happy to follow up at the same price for every online consultation

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Tim lost more than 100 pounds in six months after visiting the Lymphatech Clinic in January 2020!

Tim lost 100 pounds

Common Weight Loss Mistakes

As you already know, our weight is connected to our metabolism. The metabolism is a sophisticated chain of biochemical reactions that are very resistant to change. It is often our metabolism that tests our perseverance in changing our diet, lifestyle, and health habits. At the end of the day, our weight is a mirror image of our body's health and function. 

Did you know that a pound of pastry can add up to 3 times more fat in the body than a pound of pork (although the pastry may be more enjoyable)? Did you know weekly workouts can actually increase body mass in the long-run? And belly fat is 5 times less dangerous than the fat that is slowly building up inside the internal organs? Our metabolism tells us the difference between true changes and artificial endeavors.

Eight Sources of Obesity Issues


Often, medical issues hide behind obesity making it almost impossible to lose weight on our own.  For example: 

  1. The pituitary gland regulates a host of hormonal processes in the body.
  2. The thyroid is a hormone factory that if not managed well, can create chaos in the body, including abnormal and unhealthy weight gain 
  3. The pancreas regulates the way in which sugar is managed by the cells in the body. 
  4. Adrenal glands contribute to metabolic syndrome
  5. Testicles and ovaries regulate hormone production.
  6. Genetic mutations can affect how proteins are synthesized.
  7. Joints issues can prevent regular exercise and activity.
  8. Headaches, fatigue, and pain reduce motivation.

Often weight issues begin with overeating.  However, as fat accumulates not only in the belly or hips but also inside internal organs such as the liver or pancreas, it affects their ability to function normally.  This further affects the body“s ability to manage fat and maintain a healthy weight.  

These are several major pathologies that may contribute to obesity, but all of them can be managed effectively by a wise general practitioner and lymphologist. 

For some of you (we hope most!), a single consultation will put you on the right track, and give you a kick-start in understanding your diet and exercise needs.  For others, we might recommend further tests, or you might want to check back in with us in a few months for another consultation if you hit a weight-loss plateau so that we can tweak our recommendations based on your situation.  We look forward to joining you in your journey to complete health, as we pride ourselves in being the most thorough and detailed doctors you will ever meet.  Your health deserves our time!


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