A List of Illness, But Only ONE Doctor???

02 Apr, 2020
A List of Illness, But Only ONE Doctor???

A daunting list of illnesses: Hodgkin’s disease in 1988, and since then lymphedema, thyroid problems, hormone imbalance, painful veins in arms and legs, inflammation pockets and swelling, fibromyalgia, insulin resistance, cataracts, psoriasis, food allergies such as gluten and milk, acne and painful boils.

More importantly:
One person.

This was one of the first questions during our Q&A session after our recent webinar with Dr. Nadia.  Listen to the question and our answer.

Perhaps no situation explains the Lymphatech approach to treatment like a long list of illnesses such as these.

As Dr. Nadia likes to say, “No one sews a suit with the sleeves and buttons separately!”

With the intricate interconnection between all the parts of the human body, why do we choose to treat each part separately?

And why do specialists not take the time to communicate in detail with each other?

What is the Lymphatech Clinic’s “secret weapon?"  It is our morning team meetings. Each one of our doctors is present, and each doctor briefs all of the other doctors on ALL of their cases.  This creates a synergy that will never be created with a 10-minute visit to a specialist to “try out” just another bottle of pills.

As a matter of fact, for a case such as the list of illnesses that we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is routine for 2-4 of our doctors to spend 2-3 hours each in research on the case and then discusses for over four hours in order to create a comprehensive and detailed road map to health.

Because we are ALWAYS looking to treat the reason behind the symptom and NEVER just the symptom, we often learn that there can be a single contributing factor to multiple illnesses or symptoms.

To some folks, this might sound like overkill, but to us, this is the value we place on your health and life.  And in the long run, we are saving you time. As one of our American patients recently exclaimed, “I received more medical care in a week than I would receive in 2 years back home!”

Dr. Nadia and Dr. Vadim during an online consultation

Although international travel is currently limited, we look forward to receiving you at our clinic in the future.  In fact, we can get the ball rolling now with an online checkup and consultation.  Just contact us using the short form below and let us know about your medical issue, even if it is a whole list. We will then ask you for your test results and diagnoses and then harness the power of a comprehensive and unified approach.  Because no one makes a suit by sewing the sleeves and buttons separately.

We look forward to serving you today.  Your life and health are worth our time.

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