What CAN'T Lymphatech Treat?

08 Mar, 2020
What CAN'T Lymphatech Treat?

So, maybe you have spent some time on our site or talked to some of our former patients.  And you“re starting to get the impression that our clinic in Russia treats “EVERYTHING”... from arthritis to chronic leukemia, Alzheimer’s, Type-2 Diabetes, and even snoring.

And that’s what makes you a bit unsure about us.  You’re now thinking, “Ok, that feels a bit strange… so what can you NOT treat?”.  

Here are 5 Medical Situations that Lymphatech can NOT treat: 

  1. Broken Bones:  No, we don’t do casts.  You can leave that to your local emergency room. What we can do is to cure lymphedema (the swelling) that usually occurs after trauma, and to improve microcirculation in the tissues surrounding the broken bone to decrease inflammation and enhance regeneration.

  2. Herniated spinal disc surgery: We do NOT do this kind of surgery but in case you want it postponed (unless it is an emergency condition) we can deliver a series of injections right in between interspinous processes that can ease pain and improve mobility.  

  3. Cystic Fibrosis:  We do not do genetic engineering of the CFTR gene, but we have a different approach for management whereby we target the drug directly where it is needed. For instance for lung infections, we will inject antibiotics into the lymphatic region where the lymphatic nodes collect the bacteria thus reducing the dose by 8 times and increasing drug concentration in the targeted organ at the same time!

  1. Obesity:  Ok, we actually DO treat obesity, but we can’t keep you from overeating or force you to exercise!  However, if there is a cause behind abnormal weight accumulation we will find and treat it.

  1. Thyroid:  If your thyroid has been removed, we can’t grow it back, but if you had only partial removal we can work hard to decrease the amount of supplementary hormone you must take and help the remaining part to function well.

Our promise to you is that we only invite you to the clinic once we have a clear understanding of your situation, and then we will send you a detailed report of what you can reasonably expect.

Are you facing a medical challenge that you are sure NO doctor can handle?  Send us the details, using the contact form below, and we will review and send our feedback.

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